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What is the function of Black soldier fly??

people need eat meat—and the raising of meat is hard on the earth. Even feeding livestock and fish has an ecological cost. Now people wants to solve the food chain conundrum with another source of protein: black soldier fly.

the larvae of black soldier fly will feast on organic waste from large range of sources, including breweries and commercial kitchens. Because they are not picky about what they eat, black soldier flies are well-suited to being raised in an automated system.

Not only can the larvae of black soldier fly be made into animal feed, but they also eat food waste during their short lives, doubling the environmental benefits . making company cost-efficient and scalable enough to make an impact on the animal protein feed industry. 

In graduate school, people uses visual recognition technology to monitor larvaeBlack soldier fly larvae are raised inside automated system

What is the function of Black soldier fly??

About five percent of black soldier fly’s eggs (each female can lay up to 1,000) are used to repopulate new cycles, while the other 95 percent are hatched and fed food waste. After a week, those larvae are ready to turn into animal feed. 

At the end of the day, we want to keep it simple. We have a box where we put food waste and baby larvae, leave it for one week, let the insects do the hard work and at the end of it we have fertilizer and protein.

Now, the perception of insect protein as a nutrient source has changed dramatically . We thinks insect protein will be the norm for livestock and aqualculture feed within three years.